Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where to Start

OK let me start with VBS. This was Laci's 1st time to go to VBS. And really be a part of it.It started last Monday and went Thur Friday Night it took her until Wednesday to get the hang of it and the really understand it. But she was great and listened to what was said. Sunday morning was the ending sermonizes that is were Sunday is a children's service and the kids that were at VBS get to sing there songs in front of the church. When it came time for them to sing Laci did not want to go up there so I gave her my book to my camera so she would just stand there with it. Until Jesse Dad said something or made a face at her and then she made a face at him and he got her attention off of the singing. Then Brayden another little boy wanted to sit with her and read the book and when he would sit next to her she would move over so he would move over and by the time you seen them they were almost to the end of the riser. After the service was over the children has actives to play and do over in Ryman Hall which is our fellowship hall. They had 3 blow up things 2 slides and 1 that you hit people and knock them down. Then there was Mendy the clown and see painted there face & a magic show. There was a train that Bub and Reba done Laci just had all kinds of fun. And what did she do the min the car took off we were not even out of the parking lot and she was out. Ok that is VBS.

I have stated selling my hair bows and my I spy bag at a friends store at the mall.
I am just stating this so hopefully it will do good. He has been after me for about a year to do something with my talents. But I have to say I have been afraid to do it because I did not think people would like them but however people do like it. Laci wares my hair bows all the time and people ask where I got them. So I thought maybe I should stat making them to sell. Here are a few pic to leave you with

Monday, June 15, 2009


Sorry I have been on the Twlight kick. And have Been going to VBS. for the last few weeks. Know that everything is getting back on track I will be able to getting back to bloging. Right now I am at work.When I get home will post the pic from VBS and what I was working on until I started reading the Twlight Saga Books. Which were great.