Wednesday, April 29, 2009


What can I say about Grandpa. The thing that comes to mind is what Trev said at the hospital. That he is tough as nails that he get hit by a truck and keeps going (Trev was just trying to get us to laugh). It worked. My grandfather cut carpet for rugs, mowed lawns, and collected can's for the extra money in the summer the rest of the time he worked full time at a high school as a janitor. I was all ways with the both of them to me they were my 2nd parents even though they were really my dads parents. I remember the summers my papaw would take the boys out to mow yards and the girls would stay in the car or go to the store and get drinks it was not until later that the girls would get to mow the lawns to. See there was five boys and 2 girls (in the beginning) and we were always together in the summer. Papaw had a huge table that he would cut the carpet on and he would take and cut the carpet into rug's then sell them to a guy out in Murray co the guy would put binding on them and sell them. All the grandkids would help we would have to climb on the table to spread the roll of carpet out and he would take the cutter and cut it one of us would have to take the cutter in the middle and bring it to the end for him. He would teach us to be very careful with it to where we would not cut our fingers off. I am not the best person in the world and I have a temper that I got from my mother. As a child I showed my temper all the time my grandparents lived in Dawnville when I was little. One time my papaw was getting on to me for something and I ran outside to get away from him and he came after me I jumped off the front potch and he stop and told me to come there I told him no that just made him madder and he came after me and chased me down and gave me a spanking man he could run. Just think about a 7 yr old running around and a 51 yr old can keep up with her (LOL).At the time it was not funny but to think back it is.He has all was mowed lawns as the grandkids grew up they did not come around much but he still done it. I lived with them before I got married and there was time when he would come and pick me up from work and have the mower and I know that it was a job so I would just ask where we had to mow and would go and help him. Even after me and Jesse got married I would ask him to bring a mower over to the house to where he had a mowing job and would pay him to bring the mower over even though I was the one that mowed but he would weed-eat for me. Because as he got older he was not able to mow lawns anymore and the people that he would mow for were all stating to die off.(the people he had mowed for forever).There is so much more but for now this will do.Please remember me and my family as you pray .

Joe (uncle that was with them) got to come home today. We went to see him and they called and said that he was going to be discharged today that we could take him home.There is going to have to be some work done at the house so he can move around. But it is good for him to be home.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Sometime you never know when you will see your last day. As most of you have been reading Krista's blog you know how my family was turned upside down in a week. My Grandparents have always been there for me and anyone in my family in there on way. The thing I miss the most is hearing my grandmothers voice just telling me that everything will be fine. I miss talking to her at my lunch and miss calling in the morning and hearing my grandfathers voice. I would ask what are you doing and he would say just holding the bed down or holding down the chair. On Thursday I had planned on going over that night to see them and take some pic's of them with Laci for her birthday. Laci turned 3 on that Wed. The last time I really talked to my Grandmother was on Tues.

There is many memories of my grandparents that I will always have. Like one time when my mom (Shelia) took me and my brothers to Kokomo to live. And it was snowing really bad I put on my coat and said that I am going back to Georgia to live with my mamaw , papaw and daddy. And here I went a little 3 year old girl out in the snow (did not get very far). When my mom called my mamaw that night she told me that it would be fine and that I need to be a good girl.
I just remember that it made me fill good. Just like when I use to stay the summer when I was little and later when I lived with them. I could not go to bed at night with out hearing my mamaw say "Good night sweet dreams and my God bless you" Later after I was married I would call my mamaw at night just for her to say those words to me and I would sleep fine at night as long as I heard them. About a month ago I started saying it with Laci at night. The first time my husband heard her say it he laughed and said it sounded like my grandmother.

My next few blogs will be about memories of my grandparents. For you to better understand what these people mean to me. Here is a pic that was taken last year.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I have been up to

I have been very busy with work and everything but I have also be doing small projects.
1. I re-done my little girls room
2. Stated a quilt (yes a quilt)
3. painted my brother-in-law new baby girls room.

And 4. Mommy and Me aprons.

People say it is easy to quilt. It is so time consuming let me tell you . Cutting out everything and then when you get everything cut out you have to lay it out man it is just a bunch of work. But I like it. I have been looking at a lot of things to re-do Laci room and have been coming up with dead ends not knowing what to do. Well I found a quilt set that I like online and when I got it. It was a comforter set not a quilt like I thought. So I will post some pics and see what you all think. Of her room and of the quilt I am working on. As For the baby's room I don't have any pics of it. The room came out OK but nothing to write home about. The Aprons I will have pics of later.

Here is a list of things I still have to do.
1. I say bags for Frankie's Store

Curtains for living room
3. Dresses for Herbie and Shanda's BABY GIRL

4. Cutting out for another quilt

5. And Hair Bows.

6. More blogging for
Valerie Just six things but this is a lot.

The Quilt I am Making

Laci's New Bedding

I also done this Laci calls it her color roll.