Sunday, April 18, 2010

I thought of you both today as I always do. I know you are with me as I go though my days. I feel you near me when I am down I can hear you both telling me just to push through. I know I don't all was do everything just right or say the right things all the time. But as you know from my last blog my faith has been down so much since my grandparents have pasted I have to say probably before they passed. I just have felt that no matter which way I turned that somethings was all was there blocking me from my move to get closer. I had to work Sat and I work with a person I go to church with they if I was going to be at Sunday School in the morning. I have not been going to Sunday school for awhile now. But I came home and talked to Jesse and told him I wanted to go that I was asked if we were going to be there so I told him I wanted to go. So we got up and got dressed and went the service was about prayer. I have been praying for the last month for me to get past things and start putting God first in my life and for me to feel him. Today I feel as if I gotten my answer. In church before the preacher got up to speak. We always have a group sing well they started singing and the spirit fell and I could feel the lord come over me and just started crying and have not since every time I think of that feeling. I have been also praying for me to do a small part in church to get involved in so that way my faith could build. Since my little girl turned 4 and stated do things with the little kids at church I have wanted to help with that I have helped with the little children before in the past so at Easter when I called a friend to let them know I wanted to help she told me that it would not be a problem it they could find me something to do. I told her that I would be there at 8 in the morning at the restaurant to help she said OK. (She had me do the cash register something I have not done in awhile at a restaurant I know now way I wanted to leave a restaurant.) Anyway maybe in someway he has been answering my prayers and I have not cared to really listen until know. For those of you reading this blog please keep praying for me and my family.(I know that this may look like ramdom thoughts but my fingers do not type as fast as my head thinks at time, if it did you would not be able to read it.)