Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I have been up to

I have been very busy with work and everything but I have also be doing small projects.
1. I re-done my little girls room
2. Stated a quilt (yes a quilt)
3. painted my brother-in-law new baby girls room.

And 4. Mommy and Me aprons.

People say it is easy to quilt. It is so time consuming let me tell you . Cutting out everything and then when you get everything cut out you have to lay it out man it is just a bunch of work. But I like it. I have been looking at a lot of things to re-do Laci room and have been coming up with dead ends not knowing what to do. Well I found a quilt set that I like online and when I got it. It was a comforter set not a quilt like I thought. So I will post some pics and see what you all think. Of her room and of the quilt I am working on. As For the baby's room I don't have any pics of it. The room came out OK but nothing to write home about. The Aprons I will have pics of later.

Here is a list of things I still have to do.
1. I say bags for Frankie's Store

Curtains for living room
3. Dresses for Herbie and Shanda's BABY GIRL

4. Cutting out for another quilt

5. And Hair Bows.

6. More blogging for
Valerie Just six things but this is a lot.

The Quilt I am Making

Laci's New Bedding

I also done this Laci calls it her color roll.


Valerie said...

Now you are talking... I love the bedding you got her but I really love that quilt you are making. And the color roll....yes, I love it all. I want to know how to make those little balls for babys that you showed me at church one time. I can't remember what you call them.

Valerie said...

Shanda, Just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this hard time.