Thursday, October 14, 2010

Singer Sewing

Box from grandmother

Singer 66 that I bought.

The one I bought for 5.00

The One I got from Jesse

OK I love Singer Sewing Machine's. I love them for the fact that they are built to last a long time and most have lasted a long time. My husband bought me a Singer about 4 years ago. And I have sewed a lot of thing on it. I have been wanting a older style machine for some time. You know the one that hides away and it looks like a table sitting there. Well I FOUND ONE we went to a flea market about 10 mile up from my house and I seen it in the back of a truck. Asked the lady that was sitting there with the table how much she wanted for it and she said the last time she talked to her mom she said that she wanted 5.00 because she did not want to take it back home with her. I want to talk with the mother just to find out how long it had been since it was used last ( the mom was in the restroom) she told me about 2 yrs ago and that it worked great then. So I gave her the 5.00 and brought it home with me took it out and went to sew with it would not pick up the bottom thread out of the bobbin. So I thought maybe it is the tension it was not after oiling and working on the tension and it still not working.Thought I would take it to a shop and have someone work on it did not know who to take it to. Remembered Val saying something on her blog about the guy that fixed her machine( so since I go to church with her and we live in the same area thought I would call her and ask how the guy is and where his shop is. Did not get Val (haha) but did get her sweet husband and he told us where the was. Went to him and he FIXED IT. It was the time went out. While I was there I found a Singer c66 which I love and it was a great price so I bought it. It was not 5.00 but it was a deal he sold it to me for the parts that he had put in it. I love it. Plus there was a little box of sewing parts that my grandmother had gave me when Jesse had bought me my 1st machine she said that it had been to hers many years ago and that there might be some parts in it that I could use on my if something was to happen. Of course the parts don't work on mine but I did take it and ask what machine it works on he told me and he has one to SALE. I did not buy it but just maybe I will. Because it has all these little disk that goes with it and they make different stitches and I want to use them so bad.

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Valerie said...

What a deal you got! I LOVE it! I hope you will show some things that you are making. I hope you keep blogging. Love ya! See you tomorrow night!